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Hong Kong Business Association Announcement

Fond Memories of Timeless Old Music of the Last Century

The Good Old Days Concert《流 金 歲 月 演 唱 會》

Pay tribute to Shanghai Jazz | HK-pop《上海爵士樂 • 香港流行樂》


A unique ‘East-meets-West’ concert, recreating old Shanghai jazz club in shidaiqu style (a blend of Chinese Folk and American jazz from 1930s Shanghai); also relive the golden era of the Hong Kong pop music from the 1950s to 1990s.   The concert is featuring renowned HK singers Suzan Guterres 蘇珊, Albert Cheung (大AL), and Jenny Keung姜蓓莉, and former HK singer Barinna Poon 潘沅芷 who will sing the golden songs of those years.  We hope it can bring the audience a joyful and enjoyable evening.


Our special guest and renowned Hawaii-based singer Cathy Foy also participated in the concert.  Distinguished jazz pianist and composer Joshua Kaye and three of Hawaii’s finest resident ensembles will also take the stage to accompany the show.


Our aspiration!


The concert’s primary aim is to foster intercultural connections and understanding between the performers and the audience and to emphasize the importance of cross-cultural exchange. Our goal is also to inspire new generations overseas to appreciate, inherit and preserve Chinese pop culture, and to foster deeper understanding and connection between different cultures through the universal language of music.  By presenting this event, we aim to create an atmosphere where people can come together to appreciate Chinese pop culture through music, while also enjoying the unique and dynamic musical experiences that Hawaii's multicultural city has to offer. 


Blue Note Hawaii just announced our concert on its website, anyone can purchased tickets on their website now.

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