Chinese society presidents and community leaders are invited to meet and discuss the previous year's activities along with the events of the New Year over lunch and tea.

New Year's Tea Reception

Members of Chinese societies and organizations are invited to attend the Ching Ming service at Manoa Chinese Cemetery’s Grand Ancestor’s Tomb to pay homage to the ancestors.

Ching Ming

The Chinese Model Mother and Model Father of the Year along with the Chinese Model Citizen of the Year ride in beautifully decorated vehicles as Hawaii honors Kamehameha the Great.

King Kamehameha Floral Parade

Chinese societies and organizations nominate a successful Chinese mother and/or Chinese father who have shown successful contributions not only in his/her life, but also the lives of his/her children and the Chinese community.

Model Father & Mother of the Year 2019

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Chinese Model Father & Mother of the Year

United Chinese Society of Hawaii sponsors the Family Day Picnic to bring our Chinese community closer with food, games and activities, promoting good health and fellowship with one another.

Family Day Picnic

Second only to the Lunar New Year in popularity, the Chinese Moon Festival is a joyous time for family and friends to reunite under a full moon during harvest.  UCS will host an Open House for the general public to participate in cultural crafts, music, and demonstrations from various clubs and organizations throughout the Chinese community.

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Chinese societies and organizations nominate a successful Chinese citizen within our community who contributed his/her time, resources and experiences to make our Chinatown and community at large a better place to live.

Model Citizen of the Year 2018

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Chinese Model Citizen of the Year

Annual Events

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