President's Message

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Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2022…ushering in the year with a renewed spirit of hope that we will begin to see a more normal return to life as we knew it.


This year’s Red Book continues the tradition of providing a useful resource for our member societies to be able to connect with each other.  As we move forward and begin to hold in person event and banquets, this becomes an invaluable resource.  Please note that we are using email addresses more frequently.  The United Chinese Society has continued to communicate through email even with banquet invitations.


The pandemic has allowed us to become more creative with how we communicate and collaborate.  Although virtual and video conferencing has become the norm, nothing beats an in-person meeting.  Having an in-person event allows greater flexibility and variability.  Now that we have more tools to help us connect and communicate, we must work to integrate all of these modes of communication.  Integration is key to finding a successful balance for events and meetings.


We have revamped The Parasol newsletter so that we can communicate with all of you better.  Many organizations have contributed articles about your organization’s events.  Please continue to share so that we can share them with the rest of the community.  Let’s continue to work to improve communication amongst all of us.


The trustees, executive board, and I are working hard to plan our 2022 events.  Please feel free to reach out and let us know your thoughts or concerns.

Xie Xie and Mahalo,

Leonard J.K.H. Kam