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President's Message

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Greetings and Aloha,

It is with great honor and privilege to serve as President of the United Chinese Society of Hawaii for 2023.  Since December 2019, Hawaii and the rest of the world have had many COVID cases.  Many countries including the United States and here in Hawaii have suffered economic losses and had to shut down, including restaurants and many retail stores.  We live in a different world today wearing masks, protective gloves, and buying plastic shields for office counters.  Today, we are a stronger country, and people have learned to survive by being creative in many ways.

Our Parasol newsletter has information as to what is happening in UCS and in other societies.  Thank you for contributing your articles about your organization and events.  Your involvement and support are much appreciated.

We will continue our tradition of annual cultural events.  I invite all of you to participate in our events as we build and strengthen Hawaii’s Chinese community and foster understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture and heritage.  Our executive board and trustees are working hard to plan events for the coming year.  Please feel free to contact us at any time.

I am looking forward to the challenges in the upcoming year and will do my best to bring positive solutions.  Wishing you good health and prosperity to you and your families as we celebrate the Year of the Rabbit.


Xie Xie and Mahalo,

Marsha S.Y. Au-Maxwell


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