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Happy New Year!

2020 New Year's Tea Reception

Thank you to the distinguished guests and member society presidents for joining us at the 2020 New Year's Tea Reception.  It was a great opportunity for all to build new friendships and renew old ones.  UCS looks forward to working with the member societies and organizations to make the Year of the Rat a successful one!

Photo credit:  Lance Wong

Calendar of Events

Listed below are the exciting events that UCS has scheduled for 2020.  We hope that you are able to join us!  Please note that some events and dates are subject to change and will be posted on this website.

Chinese American Heroes of World War II

WWII Chinese American Veterans Finally Recognized!

Leaders and members of Hawaii’s Chinese societies and associations – request your support and assistance in recognizing and honoring our Chinese American heroes of WWII.

On December 20, 2018, President Donald J. Trump signed into law Senate Bill 1050 awarding the Congressional Gold Medal (CGM) to Chinese American Veterans who served honorably in the Army, Army Air Corps, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines during World War II (WWII).   The CGM is the Congress’ highest expression of appreciation for distinguished achievement and contribution to the United States.

Prior to WWII, the United States imposed long standing discrimination laws against the Chinese American community. The best known example is the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act, our country’s first immigration law targeting a specific ethnic group.  Thankfully, Congress repealed the Act in 1943 and eventually Chinese Americans became an integral part of America’s social fabric.

Despite barriers to citizenship and equality, Chinese Americans remained patriotic and retained a firm belief in service to country.  Chinese Americans served our nation in every war since the Civil War.  Once WWII was formally declared, more than 15,000 Chinese Americans volunteered or were drafted into the armed services.  Hawaii, third only to California and New York, had the most individuals stepping forward to serve as a percentage of population.

Now with the passage of the CGM to Chinese Americans Veterans of WWII, we need to spread the word to identify and gather documents, uniforms, photographs, and other materials which identify and validate the eligibility of those Chinese Americans (males and females) who served in the Army, Army Air Corps, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marines in WWII.  Please spread the word among your membership (spouses, sons, daughters, relatives, friends, etc.) that we need their help to recognize and honor these heroes and past comrades. This is another great way to involve the younger generations in recognizing the Chinese American accomplishments in the growth of our nation.

A potential Chinese American Veteran of WWII to receive the CGM must be registered on the website www.CAWW2.org/preservation. Also inform your Chinese Society of the Chinese American Veteran registered.  The Hawaii Committee for this effort requests you contact Maj Gen (Ret) Robert Lee by email (bobleehnl@msn.com) if you have any questions.

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